Types of electric vehicles

Not every Electric Vehicle (EV) is created equal. There are different types of electric cars available which all work a little differently from each other.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

Hybrid Electric Vehicles, commonly just called Hybrids have been the most common type of electric car available so far. They are called hybrids as they use a combination of different types of technology to work.

Some Hybrids use an internal combustion engine to charge up a battery pack that then powers an electric motor. Other types of HEVs use the different types of technology depending on how fast you’re driving. For example. When some hybrids accelerate, the high torque and quiet electric motor will be used. Once the car hits a cruising speed then the combustion engine kicks in.

Plug in Hybrid (PHEV)

A Plug in Hybrid is similar to a regular Hybrid Electric Vehicle but has one important feature that sets it apart – you can plug it in to an external power source to charge the battery. Like a HEV, they use a combination of combustion engine and electric motor, but because they will have larger battery capacity, typically have a longer range and will work on pure electricity until the battery is depleted. They can drive using the combustion engine, while using regenerative breaking (where breaking will recharge the battery) and the combustion engine to recharge the battery pack until plugged in again.

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)

A Battery Electric Vehicle are what most people think of when hearing ‘Electric Vehicle’. They’re cars that are powered 100% by electricity, using a battery pack to store power that powers an electric motor used to drive, with the capacity of the battery pack capacity determining the distance the car can go.

The Hyundai Kona Electric that Horizon Power is using in its Electric Vehicle Pilot is a Battery Electric vehicle. To charge up they will use regenerative breaking technology, which puts charge into the battery every time the breaks are used, and an external power source like a power outlet or an EV charging station.