The Electric Vehicles

The Horizon Power EV Pilot involves a team member from each of our Esperance and Broome depots becoming an ‘EV guru’, driving a 100% electric Hyundai Kona as their primary car for the next 12 months.

We’ve chosen the 100% electric Kona because of its standout features that make it a practical daily driver – the type of car that many of our customers may end up driving.

The Hyndai Kona – it’s 100% electric

The 100% electric Kona is a battery electric vehicle – so it runs purely on electricity. That means there is no combustion engine to help it – just an electric motor powered by a big 64kWh battery.

A long range electric vehicle

The 100% electric Kona has an impressive driving range of up to 449km on a single charge. That’s the type of range that puts it in the same category as its combustion engine counterparts – and the range that EV drivers need to have for the long distances driven in the WA regions.

Big enough for the family

The 100% electric Hyundai Kona is a crossover SUV designed to have enough room for the family – with a huge 332L of boot space. Pop down the back seats and there is 1,114L of storage space!

Charging the 100% electric Kona

The 100% electric Kona uses the new EV charging Australian standard ‘Type 2 Mennekes’ socket for standard AC charging. That means that it will be able to charge at all new EV charging stations. Using an EV home charger or AC public charger, the Kona will charge to full in about 10 hours.

The 100% electric Kona will also be able to charge up at rapid DC charging stations up to 100kW using the CCS2 standard. When plugged in to a 100kW DC rapid you’ll be able to get about 360km of range in about an hour – that’s fast!

Let’s see what our EV gurus think

As part of our Electric Vehicle Pilot, we’ll be regularly asking our EV gurus to share their thoughts on the EVs. We’ll be monitoring how they are using the vehicles day-to-day in regional WA, paying close attention to how the 100% electric Kona is working out as their daily driver.

We will share our findings regularly, so be sure to subscribe below for all the latest EV pilot study updates.

In the meantime – if you have a 2020 question about electric vehicles ask us and we’ll do our best to answer it!

What we learn from the pilot today will let Horizon Power help power the electric vehicles of tomorrow.