Electric vehicle plug types

Electric vehicles need to plug in to charge. But like mobile phones, not every plug is the same. Knowing the basic types of plugs means that when you need to use an EV charging station, you’ll be confident it will have the right type of plug for your electric car.

The common types of electric vehicle charging plugs

Type 1 ‘J1772’ AC charging plug

This type of plug is the standard used in North America and Japan. It is found on many of the EV charging stations in Australia, as many of the EVs sold in Australia before 2018 used this plug type. If an electric car doesn’t have a Type 1 plug built in, many times they can still charge at a Type 1 charging station if using an adaptor.  

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Type 2 ‘Mennekes’ AC charging plug

The Type 2 or ‘Mennekes’ plug is the standard plug type in Australia for electric vehicles from 2018 onwards. Type 2 plugs have 7 pins and are compatible with charging from AC chargers. If an EV has a Type 2 plug but needs to charge using a Type 1 charging station (or vice versa) then a Type 2 to Type 1 adaptor can be used.

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CCS1 Rapid DC charging plug

CCS plugs are also called ‘combo’ plugs – that’s because they have a combination shaped plug – with the top portion of CCS Type 1 plugging into the ‘Type 1’ AC port, and the bottom portion having two additional ‘DC’ connectors. If an electric vehicle was sold in Australia before 2018, it may have a CCS Type 1 plug for rapid charging.

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CCS2 Rapid DC charging plug

This is a newer type ‘combo’ plug. Similar to its CCS Type 1 cousin, the CCS Type 2 has a top portion of the plug that fits into the ‘Type 2’ AC port, with an additional two connectors on the bottom portion that enable the DC charging.

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CHAdeMO Rapid DC charging plug

This plug standard is also common across Australian fast chargers – with many electric car owners having a CHAdeMO to CCS Type 1/Type 2 adaptor to allow them to charge at rapid chargers using this standard.

This plug type is the standard used by many Japanese vehicle brands.

The abbreviation is actually short for ‘ChArge de Move’.

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Where can I charge my electric vehicle?

The best place to plan your trip with an electric car, find out where to charge and what chargers are compatible with your EV, is by using plugshare.com.

Plugshare will show you the type of plug standard of every electric car charging station – and have crowd-sourced information for each EV charger available.